Grand Circle – 4


Four Corners Monument is a monument to changing technology. The monument commemorates the original placement of the marker of the joined corners of Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. It is the only such place in the US. Also referred to as Teec Nos Pos, it is the border of the Navajo Nation and Ute Mountain tribal land. Wiki has the interesting history of how this spot came to be declared the official border between the states in 1925 despite increasingly accurate technology that would place it elsewhere.

The group settled in camping in Monument Valley at Goulding’s RV Park. Wonderful place to stay right in the thick of things! The group hopped in open backed trucks – bandana’s and dust protection applied – for a tour of Monument Valley tribal park. Our Navajo – Diné – guide had grown up in a sheepherding family nearby. First we visited a traditional Hogan. I had to wonder, where did all the wood come from? A Diné weaver gave a demonstration and answered questions about the Hogan. There was a large shade structure which adjacent, it would have been used in summer weather.

The trucks then bumped down a dusty road (following other similarly loaded trucks) and we toured around in the Valley of Big Rocks. Some of the formations are 1000′ feet tall. Commercials have been made on top of the largest – helicopters lifted a truck up top and then photographed the vehicle from all sides.

One morning, or was it afternoon? We took the little hike behind the campground to an arch. The view of the valley was wide and long- so many towering rock formations! The group had a good time posing and playing under the huge arch. At the beginning of the trip I did a tutorial on using walking sticks so the group had them out and used them to good effect along the narrow trail. The Goulding’s store and their home above the store made for an interesting peek into the lives of this important couple.

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Breathe, friends.