Grand Circle – 5

Lake Powell has a wonderful set of campgrounds and visiting the dam is certainly interesting. One can see that in the high season, when’s schools are out, it would have many many people using that area.

In the afternoon, we drove up to a strip mall in town and met with a Navajo guide for another ride in open backed trucks this time with benches along each side. Everyone was excited, we were going to tour famed Antelope Canyon.

Below are some of the photos I took. I’ve tried to give you an idea of colors, light, the contortions of the slot canyon and scale. It is an inspiring place to visit if you like to be awed by nature’s hand upon the landscape.


From Lake Powell we next camped right next to the Grand Canyon Railway depot in Williams, Arizona. Next morning we went over to the Depot but got waylaid by an argument between some gunslingers that resulted in a shoot out. Fun to watch – I couldn’t understand a bit of the dialog, as usual, because my hearing is so bad. Even though I wear very high powered (and horrendously expensive) hearing aids, my any experience involving a guide, a play, a group talking together leaves me asking Barb for interpretation. Ugh.

We all boarded the train and went up to our seats in the dome car. Soon we were joined by a singing cowboy and that set the tone for the whole ride up to the south rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. Weeee-ha!

We rode up to the Canyon, greatly entertained by the scenery and the entertainment…


Barb and I walked as much of the rim as we had time to do, made a new friend (I love tarantulas) and met the train on time. And then we rode back to Williams and got ROBBED! The sheriff came around questioning folks but nobody remembered the robber – we were traumatized, he had a six-shooter, after all!


Another day, in Williams, we went to Bearizona. Photos follow.

From the White Board, you see we’re going to Sedona area – circling around and up and down seeing the sights from the window. The next day was a free day so folks, having had that overview, could explore on their own.

The next travel day we landed at Camp Verde, settled in and begin learning the history of the area.