So you want to buy an RV…

So you want to buy an RV…

Welcome, 2021 National Women’s Music Festival workshoppers and all of our friends! We hope these pages assist you in your search for an RV.

Jordy and I very much appreciate you dropping in to watch our Workshop. Jordy promised you resources and they follow these important messages from US! You might have questions that weren’t covered, please ask them in the RVing Women and Friends facebook page (link below) there is a treasure of RVing knowledge there – Jordy and I both contribute as well.

Shameless plug time here – If you do buy an RV, consider becoming a member of RVing Women and coming to our national conference sometime. Jordy and I teach Basic RV Maintenance on one day and the next teach Advanced RV Maintenance. If you do join RVW, please mention LizWharton or Barb Jording (there’s a referral box to fill). We’ll get a little discount on our dues (for one referral, anyway) and we get to compete to win a prize for the most memberships referred. It’s all in fun, which is what RVWs have!

Please explore our travels, follow us, LIKE and share this blog with friends, TwoGalsGo. Our email is – We’d love it if you comment here about the Workshop or with ideas for us. Let us know when you do make that “RV of your dreams” purchase!

During the workshop we were asked to let you know that we’re available by appointment for virtual consultations on RV buying. If the RV you want is in our home area (or we happen to be on the road near the RV you want to inspect) we are up for doing or helping you do inspections.


Just so you know:

**The following images are free general stock and advertising photos from various sites. Some may contain links (so clicking on them might take you away from us! We don’t get any affiliate commission for them). They are examples of the types of RVs available and are surely not an exhaustive ‘list’ since the variations within each type are many.

  • The following information and images are not to be considered an endorsement of any kind by TwoGalsGo Media or by the owners of this blog, unless so marked. They are provided here for information only. The owners of this blog have not received any remuneration at all from any company or individual mentioned in this blog post.

Types of RV’s:


Class A: 21 – 45

Class B:

Class B Motorcoach
Class B Floor Plan

Class C:

Class C Motorcoach

Sub-Category: Super-C, the difference is diesel fuel vs. gas used by Class C


Fifth Wheel:

Sub-Category – Toy Hauler:

Travel Trailer:

Travel Trailer Floorplan

Pop-up Camper Trailer:

Tear Drop Trailer:

No floorplan available. These tiny RVs offer a sleeping cabin in front and a camping kitchen under the hatch in back.

That last type of RV Jordy mentioned is a Piggy Back style: Truck Campers

Truck and camper with clipping path included.

Sorry if you inadvertently click on a picture and it takes you off to some other site – though it could be a place you can look around at RVs. The images above were all free online – nothing original to us in those images.

Where to look for Used RVs:

If you don’t want to be inundated by RV sales (or anything else) on all of your computer feeds, use the browser DuckDuckGo to search, just type DuckDuckGo into your browser and use their search function. DDG hides your computer from advertisers. [That is my endorsement!]

Realize that there will be “dead” listings on any internet site or magazine sale page. People forget to remove sold RVs. See if there is a listing date, if it is not within the last 2-3 months- forget it because it’s either sold or has other problems that prevent it from being sold. In this Sellers Market things move so quickly!


This site offers a wide array of RV types. Ages of RVs run from very old to this year. On the left side of the page, make choices to narrow your search. For instance, when I searched for our latest RV, I selected “buy from individual”, “under 32’”, “gas”. You can send messages to the seller from within the app. At this time, the first thing you need to know: ‘Is this RV still available?’ This site has about the largest inventory – depending on the time of year.


When you open this page it looks very similar to RVTrader. Make choices or simply explore. Not as much inventory as RVTrader, but a good place to look anyway.

RV Universe

This site has pictures of the types of RVs at the top. Click the type and explore the offerings.


I chose to look on Craigslist North America so I could see everything offered. These ads are often dead – not removed.

If you know the Brand you want, go to their user groups online and look at issues folks have had and stories they tell about their RVs. Here’s a useful site with all kinds of User Forums for almost every RV imaginable.

I’ve given you a few of the older internet sites to explore and some other ideas on where to buy used RVs – there are tons more sites that have popped up since the pandemic started! Here’s an article from Escapees giant library of RVing articles that you might enjoy:

Great places to learn about the pro’s and con’s of various RV’s:

RV RALLIES! User groups associated with each specific brand of RV will have rallies and other groups like Escapees are good for meeting people and learning lots about a wide array of RVs. For instance, RVing Women has chapters all over the country and Canada. Chapters host rallies regularly. On Facebook RVing Women you can read about experiences, ask questions and learn from women who solo or travel with sisters, friends and partners. I highly recommend dropping in to visit at a rally and asking women about their RVs. You want pros and cons.

Forums can give you a bunch of info on RVs, their various problems and wonders. For example, iRV has brand user forums for about everything.

RV Rental Companies

Here are a few companies to check out. There may be private party or dealer rentals available in your area. Check the internet by typing “RV Rentals near me.”

Cruise America

RV Share

Escape Camper Vans

El Monte

Adventure Travel Sport




RV Insurance

Check with your auto & homeowner insurance carriers to see whether they cover RVs. You’re looking for coverage that will pay off any loan you have on your RV. Tons of companies, well maybe not tons – gobs? Do your homework by looking at sites like forums to hear from owners how the various companies treated problems.

National General



Good Sam

Roadside Assistance

Lots of Roadside Assistance programs, these should give you and idea of what’s out there.

Good Sam



Clubs & Memberships

There are so many clubs and memberships, it would take pages. These should get you started:

RVing Women

Escapees and SKPers


Thousand Trails


Good Sam Club Use the Good Sam card for discounts at Flying J/Pilot fuel stations and at Camping World stores

RV Extended Warranty

Again, there are many companies that offer Warranties and Extended Warranties, these are just a few:

Wholesale Warranties

Good Sam

America’s RV Warranty

RV Inspection

Yup, there are lots and lots of RV inspection services out there. Just use this as an example:

RV Inspection Connection

Here’s a good one so you could do your own inspection:

RV Inspection Checklist

How to read tire age on the sidewall:

You’ll want to buy the ‘freshest’ tires for your Towable or Drive-able RV. Tell the tire service folks that you want “new” tires and let them know you can read the tire.

Look at the sidewall and locate the raised DOT codes which are usually placed in a raised oval. The coding is typically only on one side of the tire so you may need to crawl underneath. The final 4 numbers are the birth date of the tire. The first two numbers refer to the week in the year, the final two numbers to the year. If tires are properly cared for they can last between 5-7 years. Typically your tire will age out before it wears out.

You’ll find lots of information on RV tires: how they’re made, safety, use and age at Roger Marble’s wonderful site RV Tire Safety:



The crazy thing is how slowly things change and transform while time is shooting past. In the months since we took the leap to leave Alabama and the life we built there, we have been building new lives.

We made it Covid free to Oregon and connected with family and found a house despite travel restrictions and campground closures. We’ve been working on the house, working on the house, working on the house. This week we unpacked art and hung a few things, whoo-hoooo!

Working on the house has meant gutting a bathroom and putting in everything from the walls to the towels. Our son, Morgan worked with Barb to make a dream bathroom out of fragmented strangeness. They worked so hard! Our granddaughters-in-love helped with demo and everyone had a hand in building the new space. There are still some things to finish and it will all happen in time (so I tell myself).

There are many ‘bests” about living here. Top of my list is being near our grandchildren. Helping with transporting children to different sports and dance recitals occupied us for a whole Saturday. It’s amazing to be her and clap for our dancer sharing her triumph, cheer our baseball player to his home runs and to whistle and clap for the coach-pitch/T-ball player even when the bat swings him around! Kickboxing doesn’t have an exhibition yet but we’re sure we’ll be in the audience for our strong girl when they do. Heart filling.

Another set of bests concerns being back in the Pacific Northwest. The trees, flowers – Spring!, hiking, waterways, mountains and so much to explore. Spring is gorgeous, the weather mild and sunny (most days) and people are out walking everywhere.

Meantime, Barb and I put together, produced and performed in an all day virtual Basic RV Maintenance workshop for RVWs big Virtual Rally 2020. Wow, was that a challenge to get in front of ‘viewers’. Huge learning curve for me what with organizing the flow of topics, learning a new camera, editing, and all the complications of uploading to the rally master. Barb (Jordy) had to develop her vid-star persona, not to speak of writing the presentation and gathering all the tools she demonastrated. Signing up to do another workshop must indicate that we enjoyed the challenge and fun, because we’re at it again this week.

In August/September we Wagon Master for Adventure Caravans’ “Grand Circle” tour.. We’ll share the wonders of the National Parks and Heritage Sites in the Four Corner states: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Last time we did the tour (pre-pandemic) at every turn were marvelous vistas and incredible formations. So I’m looking forward to sharing that with you.