Grand Circle – 3

Arches National Park. Just go there. We hiked back to Dainty Arch and watched several bus loads worth of folk climbing around trying the get just that iconic photo with only themselves featured. The views throughout most of the National Parks in the Grand Circle tour seem to go forever. I cannot imagine what it was like 50 years ago, before air quality closed in the distances with its grey or muddy smudges.

IMG_5578skMHwQ02G8cHvnV+49QgyPs2+fNQoimMvZUdkDcmAIMG_5591IMG_5567IMG_5562IMG_5588IMG_5586I have mentioned before that we went rafting. In Moab we went for a pretty decent buffet dinner followed by loading onto jet boats. The jet boat tour guide provided an interesting bit of history, desert ecology and local lore (“see over there at 1 o’clock the face of the old witch?” “YES!”) at the beginning, but as dark fell? Oh my! We were treated to a light show on the cliffs complete with blaring music and narration of more historic occurrences – imagine a shadow of a wagon train cast by the lights on a large bucket type truck that was covered by klieg lights. It was pretty corny – but that’s my opinion. Other folks really liked the show.


We took a nice bus up to Silverton, CO on a drizzly, cold rainy day (elevation 9318′). Wandered around a bit and had a (for me with my Gluten issues, a horrible lunch – tho the staff did try) mediocre lunch. In our wanderings, Barb and I came across a weaving shop. Though the owner was initially unfriendly (and never allowed a photo taken inside the shop), he did warm up. He explained the workings of the loom and his jacquard pattern work. The coolest thing? There were twinkle lights and twiggy branches around the front windows of the shop and while we were there a hummingbird joined us! The owner said the hummingbird sometimes spends the night (and poops) but goes in and out of the shop at will. It was terrific fun watching the little one dart about and settle on twigs. We took the Durango Silverton railroad down the mountain through back country with few roads. Gorgeous trip – I have a million photos which I will not torment you with (editing as we speak).

Breathe, my friends.