Trust and Leaping Off

We’ve been dithering for nearly five months. Our decision made to leave – walked back because case numbers climbed in the south. Our decision made to stay – turned over because our goal in selling the house was to leave Alabama and move to be closer to family. Our decision to live in Oregon on again and off again because taxes in Oregon are out of sight for property and income tax.

On one side of a scale: We want to help our family by being there, contributing financially, sharing, cooking, doing fun things, camping, schooling, playing, learning, joining, and loving. On the other side of the scale: fear of being exposed to Covid-19.


Left Alabama Sunday, July 12. We’re going west.

First a stop in TX to get new tags for our expiring vehicles and to vote. What are we doing buying tags in TX? We’re Escapees members and use their service for a mailing address. With tags expiring and no home state in sight a domicile this in TX makes a lot of sense, in the short term.

Today, July 18, finds us in our last RV park in TX. Reservations at electrical hook-up parks all the way north and west were a MUST in the heat of summer. Weirdly, the Friday before we departed, there was an epic heatwave all across the south and southwest – thank goodness for hook-ups is all I can say.

In TX folks are mandated to wear masks inside. Often people put them on in the car and wear them walking toward the business or building. Nobody seems too incensed about it, they just do it.

We stayed in a lovely city park last night. There was a huge turquoise swimming pool, across the road a gentle river that rolled over wide shelves of rock ducking into pools where folks swam and a river trail following along. It is the perfect summer place for families and well used. Folks wore their masks to the pool but not in it. They sat in small groups beside their tents and RVs – no large groups, they seemed friendly and kept social distance. Nice, so nice to be in a lovely place that managed a bit of Covid summer ”normal”.

Sweet small towns tucked into the folds of the hills of the Bosque region in TX. Lovely rolling hills, rivers, lakes and giant cattle ranches. The brick ‘western’ facades of the centers of the old towns – plazas anchored by dignified four story county seat buildings with 1800’s architecture of brick and local rocks.

Today we enjoyed the varied colors and formations of the wonderful New Mexico landscape and landed in Winslow, Arizona for the night.

The roads have much less traffic – even the interstates. People everywhere in NM are under a mask mandate and didn’t seem to fuss about it at all.

This is an interesting country. In the news today a story about a Florida woman who called 911 because her fridge broke, the call resulted in the police buying her a new fridge and helping her with it. On the other hand, in another story we have a woman who dropped her pants and urinated in a Verizon store because she objected to wearing a mask. These seem to be off the chart crazy times.

We’re staying safe, I’m not leaving the RV except for the occasional evening walk until we get to Reno/Sparks/Trukee. We’ll stay there a couple weeks to check out the area and see friends. Then we need to move forward again.

I’m so glad I had my first kidney transplant 33 years ago! We have had a while to train for this pandemic. Barb does our going out stuff, masked up and face shielded. When she returns she washes any purchases down with clorox (not fresh food of course) and washes her hands vigorously.

This is how we live: We are on the fringe. Smart, not scared. Cautious, not reckless. Protective, not paranoid. Proactive, not passive. Insistent, not aggressive. Conscious, not selfish.