Implant Success Story

Having a cochlear system sure gets more interesting. I need to learn to locate the direction a vehicle is coming from and the direction a bird song originates! Luckily the University near me has finally figured out the online situation for Cochlear training and rehab. I cannot wait. I have things I want to discuss with the Cochlear Audiologist who runs the group.

My taste buds continue dysfunction, at first I wasn’t bothered by it. Now, I cannot wait for those nerves to recover! I’m already super skinny and food tasting ‘off’ is no help to my appetite. Mean 20 months to recovery per one of the studies I read.

There is so much that is positive and that my cochlear adds to my life, it still feels like things balance to the fabulously lucky side of the scales.

implant surgery was January 12. 2020. Activation 2/3/2020. Mapped 2 times then Covid hit, usual mapping appointments cancelled.

Today I was mapped again after extensive testing.

In November, on the Monosyllabic Word Test Key (CNC List 1) MTSB CD Track 14 my results were 4 out of 50 words, 49 of 150 Phonemes or 32.6%.

Today, 5/12 same test, list 6: 44 our of 50 words, 142 of 150 phonemes or 95%.

In November on the AZBio Sentence Test, List 5: I scored .01% correct.

Today, I scored 95% without my HA in my non-implanted ear, in the booth.

With the advent Coronavirus and masked communication and electronic get togethers with family and friends, I’m very aware of how lost I would have been in these frightening times were I still relying on my HAs. Now, because I have a CI I am not afraid, I can hear folks talk through masks, communicating on Zoom and FaceTime are amazing experiences. Best are times spent with the grandchildren on FaceTime! I love how expressive they are when they read to me. Love love love.

The park was closed for three weeks and has reopened to the public. Trails here in Blakeley State Historic Site (last battle of the un-Civil War) are wonderful. We hike miles daily and pick up trash. Weekends we stay around the RV as the park fills up. Friends Sue and Marsh come visit for Thursday hikes at social distance and wearing masks. We sit 10’ apart and eat lunch we bring. Many people around here don’t believe the virus is a threat, no masks.

I don’t need to tell anyone about the world and the virus or about the protests.

We haven’t been able to come to consensus about leaving the park, going west or much of anything future. We work on the RV, do aural rehab, make wonderful meals. Barb shops – masked and face shielded – and we cope with grocery shortages.