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Road: I-25 North to Wyoming 6/5/2019

While I’m captive in my passenger’s seat, I thought I’d update y’all.

Pretty soon here our travels will change pretty radically! We’re going to rendezvous with a few other RV’s in Great Falls, MT. The rendezvous is for our Adventure Caravans, RVing Women, 58 day, 2019 Trip to Alaska! Barb and I are tail gunning the caravan.

Adventure Caravans (AVC) is a premier RV caravanning company that has been around a long time and has a fabulous track record and catalog of adventures. It reminds me of Road Scholar (used to be Elderhostel) only for RVers. You see, do and learn from experts and folks who live in the area. We’re proud to work with such a reputable and organized company. Our guests feel the same and most travel with AVC multiple times.  Adventure Caravans Website

What is tail gunning? Well, we’ll be the last people to leave each of the RV parks we stay in for one thing. The job entails making sure all the other RVs make it to the park safely, solving any problems with RVs, helping anybody who happens to fall ill or get injured – heaven forfend – and assisting our Wagon Masters in any way we can. Our objective is providing safety and fun for our guests.

What do we do on a caravan trip? Oh gosh, we visit all the most interesting sights along the way and of course, everything is arranged in advance so our guests don’t need to fuss with or worry about making reservations or missing sights, activities or any fun. B and I will be helping to ensure our guests have the BEST time, while having a grand time ourselves. Lots of social hours, potlucks and staff cooked meals don’t hurt either!

Why go on an RV caravan journey? As many of you know, B and I have been traveling together in our various RVs off and on since 1995. We’ve done so many amazing things on our own but for one trip we organized with three other rigs. We loved that first trip we took with our little group. Traveling with a group is a blast! Sharing all those fabulous sights and learning about the area, it’s history and it’s people with other like minded folks only adds to the experience immeasurably. Another reason would be the old “Safety in numbers” idea. Caravaners have wagon master and tail gunner teams to make sure any problems are addressed and everyone has a smooth, fun, safe journey.

The upshot is that due to potential internet availability issues, potential having the times of our lives, potential working like busy bees and potential being so in the moment… meeting up with you here will likely be in pretty abbreviated amount and form. I can’t say I want to apologize though. You know we’ll get back to posting and fill in the blanks as internet and time are available. We will, after all, be hip deep in glaciers, bears, salmon, museums, musk oxen, halibut, out of this world mountains (Denali) and activities (rafting, fishing, eating, hiking…)

Next time we caravan to Alaska will be in 2021. Next year, we’ll be tail gunning a trip up the Gaspé Peninsula and over to Newfoundland. These trips will be all female teams and guests – we’ll give our guy friends a catalog to sign up for the same trips or even more varied choices with co-ed tours. Want to come along or need more information? Email us at twogalsgo@gmail.com.