Quiet. Kansas. Colorado Springs.

June 2, 2019

Streaming along on KS 40 West


We hopped off of I-70 to camp last night at High Plains RV Campground. High Plains is a super-nice park. The electrical system was up to date, pedestals clean and freshly painted. Water was very tasty and pressure was good. And the most amazing thing about this place is the Restaurant High Plains owners run! Amazing! Cap’n Jack’s Pub is a real gem. 

I don’t usually do RV park reviews here as I prefer to do them on Trip Advisor, Allstays and RV Life. This place is such an exception! I recommend that anyone who is driving that long route from Kansas City to Denver STOP and eat. The seafood menu is extensive (flown in daily, per the owners), they have Elk, Kobe, Grass-fed Beef and Bison Burgers. Now, I have to disclose that we’ve eaten a few Bison burgers, maybe quite a few, and Cap’n Jack’s Bison Burger was absolutely THE BEST either Barb or I have ever eaten. 

We left I-70 this morning and got on I-40 West (a very nice road, clean and level, not much traffic. The part we are on is called “Western Vistas Byway.” The byway includes some of the coolest sights in Kansas – and there are many. This is where “Pickles!” comes in… we made a stop at a nice museum (closed) took some photos and continued on 40. We just stopped at Kansas Byways kiosk and found that our Western Vistas Byway ended right there! Pickles!

If you’re going to travel in Kansas, don’t make the mistake we made and think to only traverse the state! Look up Kansas Scenic Byways and find the one’s near your route. They’re wonder-filled:


On Thursday and Friday we spent treated ourselves to a quiet camp spot. We parked 10’ from a small lake under the cover of giant trees – no hookups, no water nothing. The time gave us a bit of respite from the cities we’ve visited. 

Maxwell Wildlife Refuge & McPherson State Fishing Lake is outside of Canton, KS. Maxwell is an an Elk and Bison Refuge of roughly 2,500 acres. The bison herd was founded from Oklahoma stock, ancient breed line, in 1943 by Henry Irving Maxwell. Maxwell was a McPherson business man. 

When we arrived, several families were bank fishing the lake and as we sat in our chairs in the deep shade the sounds of children’s voices were so peaceful. We got to rescue an American Painted Turtle who made the mistake of taking the bait. Poor thing was hooked so badly. A young man told the kids it was a snapping turtle, I had to disabuse him though – it didn’t have the classic ridged back, thick neck and legs or hooked nose. The turtle was good sized – about 9” long. Barb got the wire cutters and a needle nose plier and had the turtle freed in no time. We all talked about the turtle and the kids held it a bit before I put it back in the lake. 

Next, we’ll drive to Colorado Springs – one of my old stomping grounds – and visit my high school friend Camie and her husband Eldon. I hope we get to visit some mountain sights since Barb hasn’t ever been there and is a mountain aficionado, having gone to high school in Switzerland for a time. 

Road: Leaving Colorado Springs – 6-5-2019

We had a great time visiting with Camie and making Eldon’s acquaintance. Camie and I easily renewed out friendship even after so many years and so many life changing experiences for both of us. Barb and Eldon were patient as Camie and I reminisced. I even got to look in our high school yearbooks! Boy, how hairstyles and fashions have changed since the 1960’s! 

Camie and Eldon took us to Garden of the Gods. The visitor center there is really special. Garden of the Gods is a city park, it’s free and it is fantastic to look up at these enduring formations of red rock. Very pretty and inspiring. I wished for a couple of hours and my water colors! Garden of the Gods

For a real off-the-tourist-track trip, we went up to the Broadmoor Hotel and took an art and history tour. Our volunteer (a Concierge), Taylor was animated, informative and answered every question from the group. The Broadmoor has an interesting. It’s founder was a major character for whom every business he touched turned to gold – one of them, literally. The Broadmoor Hotel

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Today is a driving day. Going to Guernsey State Park in Wyoming. This part of our trip shortens every day! Yipes!