Westerly to KC

2/26/19 – I-70, IL13, IL10 and devolving roads from there to Watkins Woolen Mill State Park

Yup, we’re on the way to Kansas – even though we needed Ruby Slippers back in Cahokia, IL. We still have those slippers with us – just in case.

This morning we got up early and walked the cats, a misnomer really, they walk us. Walked around the site and ate breakfast (my home made granola) and hit the road. Tonight we camp at Watkins Woolen Mill State Park for our last nights in Missouri. Watkins Woolen Mill State Park and Historic Site.

We’re members of Harvest Hosts – a group of vintners, brewers, lavender growers, cattle and horse ranchers, goat farmers… well you get the idea. It’s a membership thing we paid to try. When the water issue was happening we tried to book a stay at Arcadian Moon Winery & Brewery near the exit for State Hwy 13. It didn’t work out. We happened to be passing Arcadian and planned to go north on 13… so, we had to stop. Harvest Hosts

The property is very pretty, the wines are sweet and the ‘dry’ wines are off dry or under-sweet and not dry. But the flavors were there and they are a brewery. Barb tried the Nickel Down, an Irish red beer. I tried Ginger Beer. Both had their merits. The beer was a nice light red style. The Ginger Beer was all about ginger and not about sugar. I wished I hadn’t left the growler at home! 

We ate some of a terrible GF Margharita Pizza (uncooked bottom of pre-made crust) and sent off some Marco Polos. The owner comped the pizza, a fair thing to have done. We’re on our way again.

I often write while Barb drives and vice versa. No sense using up exploring time or staying up late when the road is fairly boring. However, I’m reminded of my SHIFT, discussed earlier. Definitely when writing, I’m transported in time, backwards and out of the moment. 

This blog writing thing is a struggle – to both experience explorations fully and to try to share those with you. Still working on it… if you have comments I’d love to hear them at TwoGalsGo@gmail.com. Perhaps another intrepid blogger has words of wisdom?