May 6 – 8 Learning Curve and Lizzy Looses Their Way

May 6

Our traditional Hudson’s Bay Stop at a park nearby (5 mi from home) was successful. After discovering at least 3 lists of “Oh, we need the…” and “Shoot, I forgot the…” We slept well, loaded up the bicycles, hooked up the car and hit the road.

May 7

In the planning of this trip the decision was made to drive a long day to get to a Seminole State Park in Georgia. It was a LONG drive. We decided we would NOT do that kind of drive again. Avoiding the freeway was a blessing and curse, as many of you know. Freeways are fast. Freeways are boring and gas is more expensive near the cloverleafs (cloverleaves?). The small roads were not at all boring, gas was super inexpensive and there were lots of interesting town centers with gorgeous churches and courthouses to enjoy.

Seminole SP is pretty isolated and it takes quite a drive to get up over to the campground. The park was lovely! We parked right on the lake. With only 6 other campers in the whole place, I got to practice morning yoga down by the lake in complete solitude. After meditation, my eyes opened to a low pale grey mist moving slowly over the surface of the lake, as the sun rose peaching the water. Peace.

May 8

When we were driving to our next stop, the check engine light came on. We pulled over for a bit to pull out the Scan Gauge and give a quick diagnostic check. Code P0327 showed that there was something going on. When we checked the codes at, we discovered the code has to do with the engine knock sensor. Barb is going to multi-meter the wires later to see where the problem originates. We got back on the road and proceeded to the Edisto Beach State Park in South Carolina.

This trip was our first using the GoodSamClub Trip Planner, GoogleMaps, paper maps and Allstays. True to my semi-dyslexic form… I got things backward and we ended up at the wrong State Park and missed one we really wanted to go to. The schedule had been for us to make an easy drive over to Jekyll Island State Park Campground (not reservable through the State Park System but through a concessionaire). I got really mixed up because I’d printed out all of the reservations from Reserve America and Jekyll Island was not on the list. Sigh.

Many phone calls later, this morning, we got things mostly straightened out. I need adult supervision when putting papers in order and making lists. Luckily all of those resources helped get us on the right track again! We arrived at Edisto Beach State Park safely and cadged the last open site from Tori, the Problem-Solving ranger. We move to our originally booked site on the 10th. Yikes.