Time Flew By!

Boy, has a lot changed since we last posted! Life has a way of doing that, I suppose.

Barb decided to go back to school to become a Nationally Certified (by RVIA/RVDA) RV Technician and then went back to work!!! First with Camping World where shop policy and quality didn’t mesh with her sense of ethics.  She looked around and found a great job working as mobile and shop Tech for Cherokee Farms RV Center in Foley – a wonderful shop run by a terrific family led by Bobby Tarver. If you’re around the Gulf Coast of Alabama, give them a whistle.

On April 30 she said “Adios, for now!” and began a few months hiatus so we can hit the road for a few months. We hope to see you out there.  She’ll be available to help other RV’ers while we’re on our way. We’re on RVillage.com, so you can check in there for more news of where we’ll be.

We also made a big decision! To sell the 2430 and get a bigger RV. The 24′ was great if we left behind all of Barb’s RV Tech tools etc. We sold the ’97 after buying a 2007 Safari Trek RB2, 29′ by Monaco.

I have to share that a two day stint on Craigslist was all it took to find the Blue Sea Cafe a new home. Treks have great resale value (find one on Trek Trax. Her new owner is Zack Starr, founder of Vet Connect an organization seeking to provide information on services for veterans. Check out his site VetConnect.  Zack hiked the whole Pacific Crest Trail and has a movie about his experience called “The Epic Mile.” He’ll be traveling the USA in the blue Trek (renamed Leoa) connecting with veteran’s service organizations. We were so delighted to sell her to this hard working veteran.

We stayed with the Safari Trek model, however, the new one was made by Monaco instead of Safari. This gem is our third Trek. The RB2 floorplan is the same as the 2830 of Safari fame – the bed lowers out of the living area ceiling. Not hauling around that extra 8+ feet for a bed gives us lots of maneuverability. She is, as yet unnamed but we’re thinking something catlike, as her mural is of a gorgeous cat – lioness or cougar? We are lucky that the original owners left us a pencil sketch of the mural by Dennis Dame, painter and long time Trek muralist.

So, here we are, going through the whole “Getting Started” (see earlier posts) process again, I laughed as I read them… and made some notes. I feel like we hit the repeat button!

We leave in 6 days for a trip east to visit old friends living in South Carolina. Planning to see some of Georgia’s most lovely state parks and to putter up the coast to visit even more gorgeous places. Jekyll Island here we come!

I’ll miss being home because I won’t see my friends Max, Emma & Emily every day. I am sending postcards and photos to them though, so we can keep in touch.

Hoping for enough wifi to post some photos and thoughts about the journey. So pop back in to see what we’re up to.  It would be great to hear from you, feel free to ask questions and post comments.

L8rs and don’t forget to breathe!