May 11 – 15 Driving, Friends and Laketime

May 11

See Previous post as we did most of that again and saw many of the same birds. We took another bike trail today – Yellow. This trail heads across the marsh to little hummocks of low trees and palmetto habitat. The trail leads out to the main road upon which one can ride into Edisto Beach Township. We don’t much like riding on narrow, busy roads so we went back across the pluff and creeks to the main campground.

Got the rig ready for travel as tomorrow we head north to visit friends, Tom and Thayer who have a cabin on Lake Moultrie.

May 12

Traffic. Ugh. South Carolina drivers are not much for turn signals, have no awareness of how long it takes to stop a 29’ vehicle moving at 35 miles and hour and seem very oblivious to other drivers. “Phew, that one was a cupboard jumbler!” I remarked after one quick stop. I’m sure that sounds familiar to many in other states.

Our friends’ neighbor, Dennis, graciously let us park in his front yard on the lake. Breezy, full lake views, mayflies… who could ask for anything more?

Mayflies: one day wonders. They are harmless prehistoric insects that have a life in three elements; air, water & earth. At the end of the day, they have emerged from their flying form and left behind husks that are still sitting on whatever surface they landed upon (RV, chair, towel, deck, dock…).

Reconnecting with Tom & Thayer is so much fun. Remembering good times and sharing amazing food together is such a treat. We go out on the dock for sunset in the evenings and sit and chat until the stars are out and the lake goes dark. They owned Dodd & Dodd Nursery in Mobile, AL

May 14

Mother’s Day! We were privileged to spend the day with Thayer’s mom and her friends. Thayer’s mom, called Peach, is 98 years old and gets around very nicely, thank you, with her rocker. Though she has some memory issues, she regaled us with tales of her parents, raising her children and of acting in the local – Summerville, SC – theatre guild. Luckily we had been able to look at playbills and see pictures of Peach in her prime, so we could vividly imagine the world she inhabited.

Thayer took us on a tour of Summerville, where she grew up. So many beautiful old homes and properties still remain. The town center is charming and much like Fairhope, AL. Just like Fairhope, the town sprawls out from the center in the usual (not so attractive) strip malls and big shopping centers. We could see the bones of the community it had been and wished for earlier times – and less traffic!

I have to put in a word about food. We share cooking and planning, have we ever been making and eating some amazing food. Low country shrimp, Gulf Shrimp, Salmon Burgers (killer recipe upon request – or check out Cooking Light Magazine, April 2017); cheeses with whole grain artisan breads… I could go on and on. Breakfast today, melon, prosciutto, pineapple chunks and blueberry muffins! Glad I didn’t bring my skinny pants.

We got to Facetime with our son Morgan, Sarah and grandsons Sylus & Ryder. Both of the boys have grown so much! Ryder is just talking away and works his face and eyebrows much like his daddy did when he was a 3 year old. Sylus is learning well at his bilingual school. We did a little planning for our trip out to the West Coast to see them. We also heard from our son Gabe, who texted and FB’d a Mom’s Day wish. So nice to hear from them and know they’re doing well. Gabe & Erin are expecting our first granddaughter – their first child. We can’t wait to meet her!