Progress and The Beginning

The Beginning:

After we bought our Safari Trek, we had some work to do. She broke down on the way home from the sale and was about 2 weeks in a shop up in Montgomery getting diagnosed and repaired. We went to pick her up and she broke down at the next rest stop down the I-65. Luckily Russell Truck Repair sent a mechanic down to fix the Serpentine Belt. Now we know how to do that. Luckily the previous owners, Dick and Marcia, left one for us in the RV so we didn’t have to wait for parts. We had a few other mechanical issues to solve after that though.

One of the front air bag shocks was broken so we got that repaired, the exhaust manifold was trashed so that got done, bought new tires and we installed the Tire Tracker TPM system before we left the tire shop. We got tons of information on choosing tires and the TPMS from the RV Tire Guy, Roger Marble.

We cleaned the interior and exterior extensively, an 18 year old rig has seen some wear! We deferred some things (new flooring and cab seats) until we returned. Then, we began stocking the rig for our trip. We were surprised to learn just how much less basement storage there is on the 2430 model vs. the 2830! Oh well, we bought a smaller RV because we wanted to lighten up and get in to even smaller campgrounds. The interior, though, has ample storage for extended travel for two.

Next post, Barb will talk about how we decided what to take and how much of it to bring.


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