Intro to The BluSea Cafe


When we bought our 1997 RV, The BluSea Cafe, we had to learn to drive a land yacht again, how to stock it for travel and how to fix the A/C & water system, to take power back to the car we tow (the toad or dingy) and hook it up safely, and to live in a very small space together.

How did The BluSea Cafe get it’s name? On the back of Trek Class A Motorhome you usually find a hand painted mural. Our blue RV has a mural of a couple of killer whales playing in blue waters. So the BluSea makes sense. The Cafe part comes from our first road trip. We went up to Santa Fe, NM (over 4 weeks) to spend Thanksgiving with all the kids and grands. One day, with one cast iron pan, we served sourdough buckwheat (GF) pancakes, french toast, bacon, and fruit salad to all eleven of us. Everyone ate outside at the picnic table in the cold sun. It was amazing! So she got called a cafe and it stuck.

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