Feb 3, 2020

My processors were activated Today!!!  What a wild experience! First thing my right ear heard was the softest of beeps in varying tones, the beeps changed as Dr. Roberts activated more of the implant. Finally, Barb spoke to me, epic words “Can you understand me?”  I was so elated, thrilled and relieved when I answered ”Yes I CAN!” 

Like folks say, the sound is electronic. Voices sound like Elmer Fudd and there isn’t much tonal difference unless I sing – then I can hear the highs and lows. The sound is different and I’m dutifully working on aural rehab to learn to hear and have my brain normalize the sounds.

No matter what… from the moment the processor went live, I have been able to understand speech. I can hear/understand. my wife speak from the other room, she whispers to me in the car and I understand. I love this! Thunder, which I’ve not heard in many years, is quite a sound. I can hear the rain, birds, understand some of the radio and some words in songs, It feels like a miracle or magic and is so much better than my poor HAs and amplification. I no longer have problems with recruitment – the processor just doesn’t work the same way so even loud sounds are manageable.

Feb. 9. Riding in the back seat of friends car going to lunch. I normally check out because hearing over the noise has been impossible for years. Today, I suddenly realized that I was understanding the conversation going in the front seat! That was a delightful first. Also, over lunch I was part of a complex set of discussions in a restaurant that was very busy and loud. I didn’t feel my shoulders climbing to my ears, I was able to understand and my body felt relaxed. Another difference, I was easy to know when to interject or answer a question, I could understand!

The house is coming along. We’re working hard and efficiently – not much time left. Sometimes I’m so exhausted after the day of work I wonder if getting up the next day is a good idea.

Sounds I hear change every day, still quite electronic. In the beginning, voices were monotonous. Today, noticed I’m hearing differences in pitch and tone. Amazing.

This is a NOISY world we live in, I find myself glad to turn off sound at the end of the day. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard keyboard clicks, water going down the drain, the dryer beeping, hammer bangs…