RVing Women! Whoo hoo!

Tucson, Pima County Fairgrounds.

To get the ‘dead’ parts we need for Barb’s classes, we scavenge RV shop back lots. This was a treasure trove even if the guy did charge us for the stuff (never had that happen before).



Fairgrounds sunset!

Barb’s class was held in a huge warehouse space because so many woman had signed up!


Barb’s RV Tech training comes out all over in her teaching. She is patient, takes questions, works hands on with folks…



These Tucson sunsets are fabulous, no?


Barb the Post-Teaching Goggle-eyed Woman. 


And we both take off the Maintenance Class hats and slip into vendor hats! We had so much fun at this booth. Several gals from our Alaska Caravan gifted us with their testimonials and help with set up and take down. We are so grateful to our friends Cindy H, Barb E, Naomi & Cindy T. and Inee and Diane. We couldn’t have done it without them. 


I am the tail of the calf being run through the barrels blind with only our guide’s words to tell us where to put our feet. You know me and why I’m at the tail, right? I’d likely lead us off into the never never my hearing is so bad. What a blast. I also chased balloons and roped a PVC calf. This huge space was full of stations for the rodeo, this is only our corner.


From line dancing, to calf running, to roping to prize giveaways and wonderful classes – this conference was a BLAST!

On this note we head home to Alabama. Barb and I have big changes ahead on so many levels.

Breathe, the time will pass and we will carry on!