Tok to




From Tok, we made our way to Skagway, AK.  If you have a map you see that once Anchorage is passed the second time, there is a main road – quite inland – and then spur roads that go down to the seaports. So from Valdez, we went back up the spur road to the main hi-way, then headed south then took another spur down to Skagway.

This spur road was my favorite! The landscape was incredible. Something one might see on a sci-fi movie or Game of Thrones. After gliding along gorgeous lakes and normal forests we came upon THE TORMENTS! Holy moly. Unbelievable.


4dWOK+XRSLysI6FM8imWSAxv5MkCHcQUuHXgt3DmKfHAIMG_0171Here are the TORMENTS (isn’t that name just perfect?). The land was potholed with lakes and ponds and pots of water all reflecting the amazing blue skied sunny day.fullsizeoutput_18edfullsizeoutput_18eafullsizeoutput_18e7The land went flat and TORMENTED for miles and then began it’s usual descent to the port.

On this trip we made eight border crossings between Canada including into and out of Skagway. (above). By this time, we were all old hands and kept our passports handy. It isn’t at all like crossing down at the lower 48 though. The agents were often funny and friendly and had good tips for the road.

So… what do you do in Skagway?

Go “gambling”

Go restored-building-visiting:


Ummm… go dancing? In a dance hall? without a costume? with a friend who is a super good sport?

Or how about visit a building made of driftwood (they must have had a lot of time on their hands back in the 1800’s):


eofimYT8Rgubwg9+H2OUnQIMG_0289Or… lets just get out of town. 3YeUFWhKSG+l15Z+FOLLDQIMG_4635fullsizeoutput_18d8IMG_4646On yet another nice day…fullsizeoutput_18bd7aSAhdv4QUKcUBQzX4aZyAfullsizeoutput_18befullsizeoutput_18c2When we reached Juneau, everyone headed off in their planned directions. Barb and I went to meet Susan and Robin, friends from the SF Bay Area, for lunch. They were heading out on a boat to go pelagic birding and wildlife viewing for a week. Though we were a bit jealous of the birds they would see. LOL.

The ship headed back to Skagway and we all went out to eat and talk about the day.

So what else do you do in Skagway? How about take an old (renovated) train up and around the canyon that the folks climbing from the sea to the goldfields took – well, when there was finally a train, the gold was mostly claimed.

Then we climbed out of there, back to the main road to make yet another trip down a spur road to Stewart, BC – Hyder, AK.