Home stretch…


Oh, gosh. It’s hard to leave Stewart – Hyder. Here’s a bit more. Hyder side of the border.

Then the border… with a sign of the frisky Hyder residents sentiments.

Then a wasps nest on the rock wall across from the border and a reminder to think Canadian numbers.

From Stewart – Hyder we made our way back to the Cassiar Highway and down to Prince George.  As the miles ticked under our tires, Barb and I reflected on the whole trip. There were stressful times, times of laughter, uncountable a-ha, great intakes of breath “hihhhh”, “Ohhhhh” and OMG! moments and discoveries – personal challenges met by those of us who stepped forward to take them.. Uncountable vistas more mind blowing than the last. People so friendly and welcoming, willing to share their stories and lives with us. Growth, personal and as a group – we grew into the things we saw and did along these many miles.